Papa Rich ain’t cheap but it’s worth it!

With an empty stomach needing to meet a new food, Papa Rich in Woodquay, Galway was the selection for this evening of late. Having been there only once before the menu needed to be further explored before an opinion could be fully formed.

As soon as the menu was opened a disclaimer telling anyone who read it that there would me ‘no MSG’ contained in the food was a welcome start. Although small inside, the staff were kind enough to let this lone diner choose their place to sit instead of the usual allocation that most places give. This immediate good vibe was quickly replicated with super swift service. Within minutes of ordering the plates of noodles and spring rolls were on the table even though there were others busily enjoying their food and some just beginning to await to eat.

The surroundings, though situated in a small area, hold an idyllic oriental atmosphere with easy to listen to classic ’50s music in the background.

All in all, it was a really enjoyable experience and the food wasn`t bad either!

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