Galway’s live music guide: Sunday 3rd March

Happy Sunday to all you beautiful Galwegians! It’s a distinctly “soft day” out there today so hopefully you’re all wrapped up and ready for a day of music. As usual there’s a whole lot of stuff going on, here are just some of them…

4:30pm is kick-off time for the The Salthouse Bar Sunday Music Session on Ravens Terrace. This gig is the best way to get your Sunday started and features some of the finest musicians in the county! Carroll’s on Dominick Street continues to bring some early Trad to the west with a session starting at around 5:30pm. You can listen to Sin a Deir Sí when they perform downstairs in Monroe’s Galway at 6pm. Just up the road in E-Bruns bar Richie Brennan and the Vibe Tribe continue their old-school Rock and Blues gig from around 6:30pm. Il Vicolo is the location for your dose of Sunday Jazz and has the venerable Szymon Misniak calling the shots from around 7pm. Pa Sheil and Fergal McDonagh take to the stage in the Quays Bar Galway at 7pm performing their acoustic hit-parade for your listening pleasure.

Open Mic Night at Róisín Dubh has it’s doors opening upstairs at around 8pm so you can get your name down on the list nice and early. As always you will find yourselves in the capable hands of Steven Sharpe & Trass Beeand surrounded by the freshest talent in the county!

It’s back to Monroe’s Galway to see Tuam native Mouse McHugh as he performs all your favourite songs downstairs from around 8:30pm. At 9pm you can catch Greg Cotter and Mary Flanagan curating their weekly Country/Folk session in the Crane Bar. The gentlemen of The Rollover will be getting all musical in the company of Jade Reynolds in Massimo Bar Galway from around 9pm. The high energy Half Mile Down take to the stage in Taylor’s Bar & Beer Garden at around 9:30pm

If you happen to be across the river be sure to drop into Tigh Neachtain and catch V & The Gang in the musicians corner from around 9pm. Turlock Holmes and the hard-hitting members of Pyramid take to the stage in the Quays Bar Galway at around 9:15pm. If virtuosic Bass playing is your thing then be sure to catch Karl Clews and the boys of the Superfreaks in the Dail Bar at around 10:30pm and we will be hitting the stage in the Róisín Dubh at 12 midnight!

Well after our mini summer we are all set for another evening of noise making in the back room 🙂 Joining me tonight i’m delighted to have the following heavy-weights! On drums Bushkanga Rilla. On bass Eoin Mccann. On keys Eanna Ryder. On sax Bertrand Huvé. On Trumpet Danny Healy. On guitar and vocals Mark Sullivan and on flutes Gabo GD.

So there you have it. It’s another super busy day in Galway and if you make it to the end of the night we’d only love to have the pleasure of your company in the back room where we will be doing our best to keep Monday at bay until it’s time to go home 😉

Doors 11:30pm

There will be singing.
There will be dancing.

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John Conneely
John Conneely has a beard. He is very loud when he sings. He performs every Sunday with his band in the Roisin Dúbh in Galway City. He’s not great at writing bios!