Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #33

On the Tuesday night Manchester City`s little diminutive goal scorer added to his tally after only 24 seconds to pile the pressure on the Mighty Reds who had decided to go on holiday for the previous week.

By the following evening the pressure was back on Liverpool but, not in a bad way. This was good pressure, considering their nearest title rivals ‘City had failed to build on their early opening advantage against a bottom half at best rarely competitive Newcastle side.

Tony Mangan was loving the rivalry. As he took each step on the Wednesday evening he was sure that the Liverpudlians were taking their first steps into history as they were hotly fancied against a Leicester side that seemed to have nothing big on their radar for the final third of the season save to continue to credit their former owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

Sadio Mane scores for Liverpool

It all seemed a nice position to be in with only 15 games to go in the league and a win would see Jurgen Kloop`s men 7 points clear of last years winners. Within the first couple of minutes up stepped Sadio Mane and he slotted home to make the supporters day and the ‘City fans biting their finger nails with one game less to play.

Tony, Frances & Filipino friends

Meanwhile, Tony Mangan was walking. That evening he was on a time pressure himself having to reach security at an airport just to keep his World Walk on schedule for the good of others less fortunate. Doing what he does day in, day out. Simple consistency and easy motivation for a man so committed to what he`s doing. Far from a holiday he was on that evening even though his beloved Mighty Reds had flown half way across the world only a few days before to have a break yet, in the mean time, Mangan had walked the Republic of Philippines with his pal Francis Cosgrave. Undeterred by the potential of an armchair and a beer (as many men of his age would be swigging as they lay back on holiday) Tony was spreading his message of early cancer screening saves lives to a country whose similar Catholic values to that of the Ireland that Tony grew up in were smiling with every stride that he took.

By the time Tony got to his destination that night news had filtered through that Liverpool had only managed a 1-1 draw at home to a Leicester team that had little if anything to play for. For what many punters were hailing as the champions elect were instead sluggish, unmotivated and in truth, deserved little cheer as the crowd were subdued throughout the second half.

The commentators remarked throughout that there was one man who showed some spark and that was Mane.

Still, you would have to wonder about the Mighty Reds and if they left their passion on holidays and even if they deserved to be a further point ahead of Manchester City that night as their fortunate draw inching them that bit more ahead. This is especially pertinent when you consider they failed to overcome West Ham United only days after the ‘City clash. Still Sadio once again came to the rescue for the ‘Pool that night also.

Had they someone like Tony Mangan on their team they would have far more pep in their step.

For Tony Mangan he`s the man, eh?

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