Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #29

Eddie Huang is s an Chinese-American chef, restaurateur, food personality, producer, and attorney. His life also inspires the hit TV series Fresh off the Boat. He is also well known in America for his famous foods from home.

Tony Mangan is becoming well known and well liked in China too. His round the world stories are being told to all he meets and many are finding his tales of globe trotting as being extremely entertaining. Yet, Tony still walks alone. Every time he has to stop, it is either for a night`s rest or for a meal that his tiring body must absorb in order to keep his strength up as he hits the highways and byways of the east.

Being able to chat to the locals is a welcome distraction for a person so long on the road and having the appetite to eat when he stops along his way is welcomed. That hunger is satisfied by the delectable dishes that he absorbs along the way.

As Eddie Huang is now becoming famed in his adopted land of America, Tony Mangan is becoming adored in his visiting land of Huang`s parents’ homeland of China. Image may contain: 3 people, including Tony Mangan, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Still, that`s not the only similarity both men have. In fact, both have a liking for books. Not many people know that as Tony Mangan is a storyteller of sorts (while he walks through China in each town that he visits) he also puts these stories down on paper. Tony, like Eddie Huang, is also an author of books.

Eddie Huang created his memoir of his  time growing up in America as one of three sons to Taiwanese immigrants. He documented how he struggled with his identity growing up, his affection for hip hop and African American culture and his experience with racism. 

Tony Mangan, on the other hand, has no stories of his hip hop days, or of his kinship with African American culture as he grew up in a largely Irish Catholic culture in South Dublin. Nor has he any ups and downs relating to racism.

Yet, like Huang,  he has stories that are worth reading about in book format. Who knows, but soon Tony Mangan may have his own movie and considering all his worldly travels and his current time in China he may consider calling it Fresh off the Boat!

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