New Capoeira classes in Salthill


African in its origin and Brazilian in its evolution, CAPOEIRA is a unique art form that blends acrobatics, martial arts, music, dance, percussion, singing and tradition in a single mesmerising jogo (game). Suitable for all ages and levels of ability, Capoeira is played in pairs to the rhythm of traditional instruments and song, as has been the case since its creation 500 years ago. Inside the Capoeira roda (circle) participants learn to find their balance through the movements of Capoeira, to express themselves and their individuality in new ways and to support, respect and accept the individuality of others. Capoeiristas learn all the elements of Capoeira including music, song, attack, defence and physical expression, while gaining newfound strength, flexibility, fitness, spatial awareness and quick reflex action.

Classes in Áras Bóthar na Trá (beside Pearse Stadium, Dr. Mannix Rd.) every Wednesday from 8-9pm. Beginners are always welcome – just wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water! Class facilitator, Yvonne Ní Laife, has been practicing Capoeira, both here and in Brazil, since its introduction to Ireland 18 years ago. Yvonne is Ireland’s first qualified Instructor (known in the Capoeira world as Instrutora Andorinha), and is Europe’s first female Instructor in the worldwide acknowledged Capoeira group, Candeias. Under the tutelage of Master Mola, Galway, Andorinha has been a major contributor to the development of her group in Ireland. Through her work as instructor, performer, designer, composer and choreographer, she has successfully amalgamated elements of traditional Irish music, song and dance with the Brazilian culture during performances countrywide.


Why not try out something new! Join Yvonne for your first class Wednesday nights in Áras Bóthar na Trá, Salthill from 8-9pm. Drop-in classes cost €10, however there is a substantial discount if you pay for the full course from now to Christmas – this includes 11 classes for €80! You’ll feel the difference by Christmas!

Call Yvonne on: 086 8241338