Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #23

Tony Mangan from  knows all about the bush. For a year or so he spent so much time walking the highways and byways of Australia and there he past many  the rural place and met strange, wild, funny and welcoming characters all surrounded by acres of bush land.

Then there`s a different kind of bush. One of a more personal sort and that`s the name Bush.  Although Tony does not know Terry Bush, Terry`s words are likened to Tony`s travels at times: 

There's a voice that keeps on calling me
Down the road, that's where I'll always be.
Every stop I make, I make a new friend,
Can't stay for long, just turn around I'm gone again


Back in the  1980s when Tony was a younger man exercising (and was still 20 or so years away from ultra running)  he was making us beginning to make us feel as underachievers as we lay on the sofa and watched RTÉ`s popular

‘ The Littlest Hobo’. Still as we lazed about after school, the Hobo dog was rambling from town to town and finding new friends everywhere he went. There he seemed to have an uncanny knack of meeting new people who needed his advances and who benefited from his short visit, before ( by the end of each weekly episode) he moved onto the next town.

Knowing that there are helpful creatures in life that can just pop into our mundane day to day existences is really assuring especially if they are travelling about for a greater cause that our own, or indeed their own lives. That`s what Tony Mangan is continuing to do as he marches through Asia in aid of early Cancer screening.

Thankfully Tony is fit and well and is feeling more than cheerful this past while. His smiling and singing demeanour is motivated by what he sees is the first four of a potentially record making five-in-a-row of All-Ireland Senior Championship victories by his native Dublin. Since last Sunday week Tony is brimming in his blue of The Dubs and happy to notify all that care to listen of how the capital team are heading towards record breaking territory in the next 12 months.

Still, there have been 3 other Senior football counties who have tried for the five-in-a-row and have been beaten in the fifth year. Wexford in 1919 were the first and two Kerry teams also failed at the fifth hurdle. The most recent of those teams, Kerry in 1982 were embarrassed when their famous five-in-a-row chant was ended by an unfavoured Offaly side. 

In 12 months it`s hard to know where The Dubs will be, but for sure Tony Mangan will be continuing to move as he suspects he will be somewhere state side by then.

As that man Terry Bush wrote so fittingly  and indirectly of Tony Mangan`s travels, perhaps he has a point though when he said:

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.


About the Author

Conor Hogan
As a native Galwegian, Conor Hogan teaches and consults across the areas of education, well-being and health while also researching human behaviour for his PhD at NUI Galway. After winning regional and national leadership awards, he blogged and co-authored a book on Mental Health for Millennials. He tells us he will endeavour to enrapture the glint of the Galway Eye 🙂 You can find out more about Conor at