Forget Irexit. With LEXIT – Longford set to leave Ireland

Forget the talk about Irexit. About hard borders with the North of Ireland. Forget about Brexit. There new political crisis in Ireland. It is the new movement for Longford 4 Leave – Lexit!

In a light hearted clip, akin to the Seamus O’Rourke “Mossie Flood” tourism video, local man Jimmy Connell says Longford should leave Ireland. We would be self sufficient in bread and dog food. So both man and beast are covered.

Which is to eat what he does not elaborate. We would assume mankind eat the bread.

But in Longford, nothing is certain.

I’ve had enough it’s time to go! Who’s with me?

Geplaatst door Jimmy Connell op Vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

The Seriousness behind the Laughs

It comes out out the week of the launch of the Irexit – Freedom party in Dublin. It gave a little bit of levity to a depressing political week.

It is not that I think Ireland could do well outside of the EU. It is the element that propose it are the UKIP types by and large, with a few exceptions.

Photo from RTE of the Irexit speakers

Is it time to have an exit plan agreed before Irexit with the EU to avoid the current Brexit impasse should it come to happen?

Among serious politics, and main stream left and centre parties, a platform in advance of an Irexit movement gaining ground should be agreed with the EU. Something of External Association along the lines of Document No 2 that De Valera proposed during the Treaty talks in 1922.

Two Speed Europe is nothing to be scared of

Scare stories of a “two speed Europe” will abound. These can and must be faced down. A two speed Europe has its benefits.

Folk are afraid of us losing our independence. To be a state in a United States of Europe. MEP Danuta Hübner this week wisely advised that we should be sure of the economic impact before we would leave. Not just do it on a passion of the moment.

Some ask did we fight to get out from under the United Kingdom, to run in under France and Germany. Yet, unlike many of the UKIP groupings and their allies, Irexit supporters do not want to stop those nations who do want to merge. They just do not want Ireland to be a part of it.

United States of Europe – the scary future for some, the dream for others

Yet, some in Europe want that (United States of Europe) to happen. Benelux for certain, and a large part of Germany and France.

A two speed Europe would allow that. Those states can merge. The new state have the same relationship with the rest of Europe as its parts currently do as independent states.

If a common sense plan like this was brought in a decade ago, we would never have had Brexit.

Coming back to our domestic crisis, its not outlined just yet whether Longford will stay in the EU while leaving Ireland as Scotland plans if it leaves the UK.

We await with baited breath… for the possibility of North Longford to do a secession from the rest of Longford – who they think of as really just being a part of Westmeath anyway!

Get to Longford before your a foreigner

So, while your Irish passport allows you still to get into Longford, get there to check out its delights. Its not all Centreparcs you know… Ill let the bould Mossie Flood explain Longford in all its glory…

Ibiza, how are ya!

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