Walk in the Sun in Galway

Galway, and the sky above it - sun shining down today at Eyre SqGalway, and the sky above it - sun shining down today at Eyre Sq

Enjoying a walk while off work on sick leave, I am getting to enjoy the sun a bit. As a near native by now of the city, its good to see what we have on our doorstep. I often walk by the galleries, the exhibitions, the events I would visit if I were in Limerick, in Dublin, or even abroad.

A simple relaxation on Eyre Squares lawns is one of lifes free luxuries. How often we race past, as visitors to our little city enjoy what we fail to?

Is that not a moral for life? Do we race through life not enjoying what we are amid? We dont take heed of the familiar, hoping to find solace in the exotic.

Galway past, missed.

One of my favourite coffee shops in the city was Pura Vida, at the bottom of Quay Street, which has been closed for over the last year or more. A burger joint is there now. I used to love the ambience of it for some reason. Walking in from Renmore, it was always the stop off point for me.

My other favourite – of three in Galway – is Secret Garden, and today I indulged in a caramel toffee cake with cream on top, with the obligatory strong coffee.

A little freind dropped by, and enjoyed the bit of cream I shred on the spoon for it. Its the little moments of urban nature that we notice, that we would take for granted in a more rural setting.

My third favourite is the Breton Cafe, Javas, which I hope to drop by after. A creature of habit, I pass by many others which are just as nice, but once I get into a circuit of such, I find it hard to break!

Enjoying some art

I dropped into Galway Arts Centre, and had a quick scan over Galleries 1 and 2. “And Still, Like Dust, I Rise” is on show at the moment, giving a feminist slant on the arts. It takes its title from the Maya Angelou verse, and consists of photos, prints, sculpture, and film.

Connecting with art: “I could do that!”

As a visitor, modern art often goes right over my head. But perhaps, one of the best ways to connect with art is to be able to say “I could do that”.

Such a thought got into my head when I saw one drawing, sone in a simplistic style. It begs the question, why do we as people NOT do in the arts what we are able to and have an interest in more than we do?

Dancing in the Streets

Always a fan of busking and street art, I was happy to see Emma O’ Sullivan, the sean nós dancer on the street again, showing her skills. She is always a joy to watch.

Coming back up, near Easons, were a boy and girl of about 16-18 or so, playing traditional music. Up at the top of Shop Street, there was a man with an accordian who can only be described as a master of the instrument. Though I passed on by, I could have stayed for ages to listen to him play.

Further down on Quay Street, earlier, was a red haired chap I know to see from the Roisin Dubh, singing without music, eyes closed, just enjoying the day. Is that not what busking is about? And a few quid for a pint or two earned in the process!

It takes the sun to bring out the best in us

Some say it takes the sun to bring out the best in us. It certainly shows our little city at its best. Walking around, we see why they come from across the globe to be among us, if only for a few days.

As it is with Galway, in truth, so too it is with Ireland. Its only when we show down enough to see and enjoy what we have, that we see what others see.

Like all things, Galway looks better in the sun!

Like all things, Galway looks better in the sun!

As with Galway, so too it could be said for ourselves. We worry about work. Careers. Pensions. So much about the future, we cannot enjoy today. If we slowed down to enjoy what we have, who we are, today… we would have a more fulfilling life.

We engage in yoga, take wellness and lifestyle courses to sort our lives out. To give ourselves direction. They all have their place, but a change of HOW we live, to enjoy the sun where we are, might give us a better health, physical, and mental, in the long run.

It is said happiness is to be content with what you have. And today I can agree with that. It is made all the nicer with a bit of sunshine!

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Thomas Carty
Thomas Carty is a Renmore resident, having moved to Galway for work a couple of years ago. Both his parents were originally from Ballinalee in Co. Longford but he grew up in Banagher and maintains his Offaly connections with membership of the poetry group Tullamore Rhymers Club. An amateur genealogist and historian, he writes on a range of topics that grab his interest. He works at security to pay the bills, and travels widely around Europe to keep sane!