Galway’s live music guide: Sunday 20th May

Happy Sunday to all you well rested Galwegians! As we take a short respite from the squinty weather there’s no slow down when it comes to music and for the day that’s in it, here are just some of the goings on about the town….

The Gospel Rising Music Festival will be staging two events today in the Cathedral. The first is at 12:30pm where 300 voices will enrich the weekly celebration with gospel music. The second is a workshop that begins at 2pm.

The delightful Noriana Kennedyy and her musical companions will be bringing you the finest in melodious harmonies when they play the Salt House session this afternoon at 4:30pm. Richie Brennan and the members of the Vibe Tribe get all bluesy in E-Brún from 6pm. You can get your weekly dose of smooth Jazz at Il Vicolo from around 7pm in the company of Szymon Misniak and friends. The legendary Open Mic Night at Róisín Dubhcontinues upstairs this evening from around 8pm with Steven Sharpe and Trass Bee maintaining order throughout. Monroe’s Galway plays host to Mouse McHugh downstairs from around 8:30pm. Greg Cotter and Mary Flanagan continue to set the standard for the open session in the Crane Barat 9pm or if you happen to be across the river then drop into Tigh Neachtainwhere there’s always something interesting going on in the musicians corner from 9:30pm.

James Richardson and the fine men of Pyramid kick off in Quays Bar Galway at 10:30pm. Bass maestro Karl Clews gets all Superfreaky in The Dáil Bar Galway at 10:30pm and we will be taking to the stage at around 12 midnight in the Róisín Dubh.

Well, it’s been another interesting week in the west as the population tried to keep the sun shining by the power of their will alone. Alas, it was not to be and the clouds have rolled in to keep the farmers happy and let those of the ginger persuasion go back outside for some much needed fresh air! Joining me tonight to celebrate the memory of Summer 2018 Barbara Vulso on vocals. Eoin Mccann on bass. Mark Sullivan on guitar. Bushkanga Rilla on drums. Michael Corbett on keys. Bertrand Huvé on sax. Gabo GD on flutes. Maciek Zaworonek on harmonica.

Once again there’s a whole lot of stuff going on to keep you entertained over the course of the day and if you make it to the end of the night we’d only love to have the pleasure of your company in the Róisín Dubh where will be doing our best to keep Monday at bay for just a little while longer!

Doors: 11:30pm

There will be singing.
There will be dancing.

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John Conneely
John Conneely has a beard. He is very loud when he sings. He performs every Sunday with his band in the Roisin Dúbh in Galway City. He’s not great at writing bios!