Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #8

Tony has been keeping it very Irish this week. Despite St. Patrick’s day having passed, his memories of the emerald isle are sharper now than ever. Even though he is trouping around Queensland in mid-thirty degree Celsius heat, he still seeks something hotter!

Getting into hot water is not something that any tourist wants abroad and mingling with a nation’s police force is something all journeymen are supposed to avoid, but then there’s Tony Mangan, and he’s not an ordinary type of guy.

Recently, while bumping into a young Irish couple, Tony was greeted with a smile and for him it was good to touch base with an attractive fellow country man and woman.

Even though he had the pleasure of meeting this couple, he is keen to remind us of a time when he entered ‘the land of smiles’ and his presence got them all hot around the collar, although this all happened a couple of years back under the Asian sunshine.

As a single man, Tony ran into the renowned and exhilarating city of Bangkok, Thailand. Soon, word spread that such a fit western gent was arriving and the local police chief got excited. His introduction to the capital city eventually caused quite a stir.

This flurry of excitement caused the chief of police to take the day off and go on a run with Tony as he made sure that his patrol cars were loaded up with water and food. Late in the day, Tony reached a local college where he got rousing appreciation. This assured Tony that he was being lauded for his athletic achievements and not just his other charms.

The chief of police in Bangkok took the day off to go on a run with Tony

As Tony continues to trek it out, over the years it must amaze him how many people get drawn to his unique efforts to foot it out alone across the globe.

Tony was lucky not to have a kiss this week!

Though it’s tough for him at times (and so hot that it`s uncomfortable) it’s better to meet a police chief in Thailand and be admired than being ‘ Banged Up Abroad’ under the suspicions of a different type of heat altogether!


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