Citóg Records Volume 3 Launched

Went along to the Citóg Records Vol 3 Launch in the Roisin Dubh last night to check out some new original music from Galway and was seriously impressed! I got in a little late but just in time to witness the sublime Emma Lohan cast her musical spell and get the entire audience to embrace and join her in singing the final song of her set.

With the room nicely warmed up it was time for Steven Sharpe and his Broke Straight Boys. Steven owns the stage from the second he steps onto it and along with his band of smiling musicians he delivers powerful autobiographical lyrics interspersed with hilarious and heartbreaking anecdotes about life before Galway. The music is upbeat, tight and delivered with genuine passion and that final song was mesmerising.

Up next was New Pope featuring David Boland and his band for the night. Davids’ voice has a haunting quality which sits perfectly on top of the lush reed backing provided by Alain on Clarinet and Donal on Bass Clarinet accompanied by some super understated drums. New Popes is music to make you think.

After a short break, it was time for Grounds for Invasion Featuring Willow Sea, Tracey Friel, Dave Shocks and Steven Sharpe. Once they got past the usual slight technical challenges, these guys got straight down to business mixing electronic music with live drums, guitars and vocals. Tracy Friel is great as lead vocalist, like our very own Roisin Murphy while Steven Sharpe managed to reinvent himself yet again, blending his incredibly high range perfectly with rich EMD sounds being created by Will and DS.

It’s a real privilege to be able to head out on a rainy Thursday night and find yourself in a room full of live-music loving people, listening to amazing local original music. Thanks to everyone involved in keeping the scene alive in Galway. Keeping us cultural. Keeping us capital! 😉

Another win for the good folks at Citóg and for lovers of original music in Galway.

Oh, and I was handed a CD for free as I left! Thanks Citóg!

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John Conneely
John Conneely has a beard. He is very loud when he sings. He performs every Sunday with his band in the Roisin Dúbh in Galway City. He’s not great at writing bios!