Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #5

God said to Noah:

I am going to put an end to all the people because the earth is full of fighting because of them. I am going to destroy them and the earth.

Noah was then given specific instruction on how he could build an arc to save those that he could from the almighty flood.

Once God had communicated this to Noah it is said that he then made a covenant with him, an agreement with a promise.

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Before Tony Mangan’s mother passed away from cancer  she lived out one of her dreams in seeing her son finish his world run.  By then a deep motivation had begun in Tony. That motivation was to spread the urgent news regarding the importance of early cancer screening in order to  avoid the pains and struggles of the dreaded disease.

A friendly face that Tony met along the way!

Recently Tony was experiencing another annoyance during his leg of a Queensland walk. As St. Patrick’s Day was looming Tony began to ponder how he, as an Irish man, felt coming up to the annual celebration. As an overseas ambassador of his beloved country, Tony began to recall the time he ran around the world some years previously. Rather than being near Australia, Tony was on the opposite side of the southern hemisphere and finishing a run through Mexico. As soon as he completed a 50km journey he was parched with the thirst and had to be led by police back to the police station. While he was being marshalled back by two Mexican officers, one of them stopped to take a call of nature. As he did his business he turned to Tony and said:

Hey, you Irish you love to drink, don’t you?

and proceeded to offer Tony a beer.  Much to the officers’ amazement Tony preferred to drink a Coke instead as he retorted:

Nah, nah I`ll have a coke instead

The resultant body language and actions from those officers said it all for Tony. They continued to use their pistols to open two beers before driving off and this displayed how they were not prepared for an Irish man so fit and self disciplined, not fitting the stereotype of wanting to drink alcohol at every given opportunity.

In these past few days Tony has experienced Queensland in floods yet the weather is warm and welcoming. His insistence after travelling around the world and meeting many people from all places is that the Irish, when internationally compared, are only ‘mid table’  consumers of alcohol.  Thankfully for us Irish we won’t need a Queensland flood to water us down now that St. Patrick’s weekend has run it’s course, but for Tony, his international ramble by the waters of the world continues.

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