Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #4

The Bible is the good book that tells us how best to live. Many scriptures and stories are contained in the Bible. Characters from within these tales are comparable to people that exist in the present day.

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One of these characters is a man named Moses.

The story of Moses stated that the descendants of Jacob had lived in Egypt for over 450 years and then their people transformed into a nation. This nation was named Israel. However, the Egyptians started to see Israel as being a threat to their own nation and reacted by forcing them to become slaves. Due to Israel’s population increase, the Egyptians then decided to drown their babies in the River Nile. However, God came to Israel’s aid and sent them a leader who was called Moses.

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As an infant, Moses’ mother had left him into a basket and let him flow down the River Nile as she believed that  God would look after him. Despite this random act, the baby Moses was rescued by a well off daughter of a Pharaoh and the baby was raised in a royal palace.

Tony Mangan leaves little chance. He decides as he goes where he will sleep. This is based upon his vast travelling experience and sharp instinct. Although Moses travelled down the River Nile and was fortunate enough to be rescued by a Pharaoh’s daughter, Tony too has had the fortune of being aided on many occasions by generous people.  Each time Tony meets a new stranger and tells them of his world walk message of becoming aware of early cancer screening, he is often given royal treatment by ordinary people.

Later in the biblical story of Moses things became more complicated.

Once Moses reached adulthood he rebelled against his upbringing and killed an Egyptian guard in honour of his native Israelites. As he attempted to avoid the reaction of the Pharaoh, he flied to the dessert where he was spoken to by God through a burning bush. This message from God is said to have given him special powers that were to eventually propel Moses to lead his people from slavery.

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Like Moses, Tony is taking chances as he travels down under. Although he has not had the experience of being spoken to by God in the dessert, he is certainly racking up the miles in the Australian bush and continuing his story in leading others from the wrath of a cancerous death.


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