Charity Shops and Shopping


I am into recycling along with all things eco. I am a big believer in making use of something twice. I also like to give to charity, but prefer to get something back. So, shopping in charity shops makes sense to me.

What someone else does not want, they get rid of. Whether as a spring clean or as a general tidy up. On selling it to folk like me, the charity makes money. Which helps those who need the help.

Recycling is good, but after REHAB why bother with charities?

Some people are cynical about charities after the REHAB fiasco. CONSOLE as well has turned a lot of people off helping fund raisers. But COPE here in Galway do great work with the homeless and those who need refuge. Their shop is one of my favourites. I also like the NCBI on Eyre Square, the SANA shop and the St. Vincent de Paul.

Cope Galway

Cope Galway

What’s in these Aladdin’s caves?

You can find all sorts of gems in these stores, from shirts I could never afford if new, to all sorts of nick nacks. As a self-confessed chronic hoarder, I am able to find a corner for everything. Or a box to store it in until I do!

Whenever I do a spring clean of my own, I will be able to stock a chain of shops with what I have got!

The unseen benefits of charity shops

Charity shops also offer employment to folk who need the work experience, without the pressures of the regular workplace. While some staff are volunteers, and the management are conventional workers, some are re-entering the workplace, or finding their feet. So, there is a social benefit, an environmental one, and a charity benefit too.

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