Time for a Spring Clean?

Spring cleaning

Spring has arrived

A good clear out and de-clutter is a great way to make life in the home easier and it also helps relieve stress too. Start with one cupboard and put aside what you need to keep and bin, recycle or bring the rest to a charity. If you don’t use something then get rid of it. I can understand keeping some pieces because of the sentimental value but we don’t need to keep absolutely everything or we will run out of space and just keep moving it when we are doing the annual de-cluttering year after year. It’s more frustrating than it’s worth.

The charity shops will benefit from your generosity and someone else will hopefully make use of what you have donated. It’s a win-win combination. You will find more and more space, the more cupboards you clear. Start with one that has been nagging you for some time and when it’s de-cluttered you will find not only more space in there but in your head too! It’s a great feeling! Freedom!

Feel the freedom

Do not leave any corner cluttered as it will ruin the whole room and the whole feeling of freedom in that space. Life will be so much easier, as you won’t have to move everything just to hoover, sweep or dust. A simpler life and more time to have a lovely coffee in your lovely Spring-cleaned home!

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Cathy Fahy
Cathy Fahy lives in Galway and runs her own cake business (No need to read on – we love her already – Ed.] She worked in window display for Anthony Ryans until 10 years ago, when she decided to stay at home with her expanding family. While at home she started experimenting with cake baking and was soon up and running with Cakes by Cathy [check out some of her work if you would like a visual treat for your eyeballs [Sorry I keep interrupting Cathy’s introductory bio but her cakes look ‘nom noms’ – Ed.]. Cathy follows all the new baking trends and cake artistry through social media, cake magazines and visiting cake decorating competitions nationwide. She is known locally as the ‘go-to’ person for answering most household questions and hopes The Galway Eye readers will find her hints and tips as helpful as her friends have over the years!