The JM Report #8


343 days remaining in 2018

A year is a good unit to measure time with. And a good period to set goals within. Sufficiently long to facilitate the realisation of opportunity. But not so long that you lose sight of the goal (although this might depend on the goal).

A lot can happen in a year. Last year I set up a company. What started as a tiny idea turned into a huge adventure. I learned how to ride a motorbike. I think the key with achieving these modest goals was commitment. Saying to myself and other people, ‘I am gonna do this’.

I recently read a small excerpt of an interview with businessman Gary Vaynerchuck. He spoke about living for the seconds, not the years. Not focusing on the grand long-term goals, but striving to have meaningful impact in the short-term. Not worrying about five years down the line, but trying to make the most out of every single day, every single hour, every single minute and every single second. This resonated with me a lot. I very often come up with some ostensibly excellent idea, but let it slip straight away. I focus on what could happen in the long term, as opposed to what I can do right now. As soon as I say to myself ‘I am gonna achieve X in the next three years’, I sit back down and start watching Netflix again. Watching Netflix is not an effective means of achieving personal goals.

So perhaps the key is not only committing with words, but committing with spirit. Committing fully. You have to mean it.

Knowing this, I have been taking some time before setting goals for the year. Taking some time to consider the options. Looking back at previous years, or at what other people have achieved in just one year, is incredibly exciting. There are so many opportunities, so many ideas, just waiting to be realised. All we need to do is choose the right one, and go for it.

What is your goal for the year?

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