Damian Browne’s Atlantic Diary #4

Talisker Challenge

Damian Browne is spreading the love online. With 1,229 nautical miles in his solo row Atlantic challenge now safely completed, the burly traveler is now beginning to slightly mimic the fictional look of Heathcliff from the great romantic tale of Wuthering Heights by the much lauded Emily Bronte and he is attracting more social media love hearts liker’s than Heathcliff`s true love, that being the fictional Catherine Earnshaw.

Catherine’s loving ability was characterised by her wild, impetuous, and arrogant ways. Similarly, the Atlantic ocean has served up a wild impetuousness that exudes over confidence that only nature’s great ocean can hurl at a human being. Like Heathcliff having to deal with this force of nature in Catherine, Damian Browne has had to deal with his own love of the ocean and survive. Bruised and battered, not only in body, but with all his equipment failing him at times leaving only his athletically attuned physique and quite yet spirited energy to tackle the high seas of apathy.

His most recent communication today hints that Damian, as he put it is:

Over  the half  way mark!

for his entire Atlantic journey and this he posted with the most romantic of sunsets way out on the ocean.

Yet further comments right by this smashing sunset say that the picture is taken when it is:

 My favourite part of the day. The sea seems that little gentler and I’m more at peace with what I’ve done and what’s ahead

thus, giving the impression that perhaps he is only half way through the day in question  of solo rowing.

Such is the wonderful encouragement and heartfelt inspiration from online commentary it seems that most of you believe he is indeed half through the overall adventure. Alas, unfortunately this is not so.

Although he is putting all his initial setbacks so admirably behind him, Damian has in fact 1, 419 nautical miles to go in order to complete his quest.

At his present rate he will land in Antigua & Barbuda in the early hours right after many lovers will have celebrated Valentine`s Day.

With big Brownie spreading so much admiration online and love for his noble causes of charity, perhaps it will be fitting that he arrives on that day then you admirable online love heart sending followers will soften the man who is  still fighting the high seas in as vengeful a manner as the overly romanticised  Heathcliff did on the wild moors of England.

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