Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club

Ireland's Smallest Comedy Club

Every Thursday night, a local pizza company makes a delivery to The Dew Drop Inn. It sounds like a gag to which its hard to find the punchline, but you’d be on the right track, as they deliver to the interval of Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club, which boasts free pizza as a selling point, along with the humour!

The MC is Johnny Graham, ably accompanied by Bob Hannigan of Mayo. Graham himself is a Tullamore man but life’s destiny brought him to Galway where he is now married, the details of which he regales the audience with at the show. Most think he is exaggerating for effect. Sometimes I think he is telling the truth!

Hannigan regales all with his story of ‘finding himself’ in Galway, and the stages of metamorphosis the average hippy goes through before they end up a comedian. Which is why I suppose I’m not a comedian. I’ve never been a hippy!

His talk on comedians and their love lives – or lack of and awkwardness therein – is quite funny, and made me think I might be a comedian after all. It would explain a lot. Maybe in the Buddhist sense, I am, I’m not, and I am and I’m not!

The Smallest Comedy Club in Ireland has had many national comedians and emerging acts over the time they’ve been operating. From David Hynes of A-musing to David ‘Mally’ Mallaghan.

The other comedians are well worth seeing too – although they are not called David – even by Trigger!

Sir Stevo Timothy / Farmer Michael

Sir Stevo Timothy / Farmer Michael

However, though not only Galway’s, but Ireland’s smallest comedy club, it is far from the only one in Galway, with Steve Bennett running the Roisin Dubh Comedy Club, Sir Stevo Timothy ruling his demesne at Monroes, and the Cellar Bar bringing comedy to new depths!

So if you’re looking for a giggle in Galway, there are plenty of gigs to choose from. If you want a right laugh… follow me to Coyotes, add alcohol and watch me dancing!

Maybe that’s my genre of comedy. So I am a comedian after all…

Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club is in The Dew Drop Inn every Thursday at 9pm. More at

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