A Christmas Reflection

Santa Claus

As I approach Christmas with a few quid in hand, I stop by the odd busker on Shop Street and buy their CD – sometimes as a Christmas present for others but more often I end up keeping them myself. The talent on display on the street for free is second to none and most of them are just ordinary folk who love their art as opposed to business-oriented artists.

Buskers on Shop Street

Buskers on Shop Street

As I browse the Christmas market, there is the wide selection of Galway products on sale and some from farther afield. There is a convent in the Ukraine selling Orthodox icons and merchandise. Last year – or was it the year before – there was a stand with stuff from Bulgaria.

Presents and toys have come a long way since Buzz Lightyear and the Furbys which I loved in their day, even though by then I was far too old for them – giving my age away! The annual Toy Show delights the country. I don’t often bother watching myself – having no kids. However, two standout moments on the Toy Show were the boy a few years back who was into clocks and this year a friend of mine – Cormac Lally – was on it with his ‘Magical Fireplace’. He came up with the idea when asked an awkward question by his daughter about how Santa would get into their apartment when there was no chimney! That story in itself is a lovely Christmas story which Cormac has expanded into a book – a great present for some little girl or boy. Check it out – https://www.santasmagicalfireplace.com

The nativity scene

The nativity scene

The Tiny Traders market is full of little gems from timber pens to hemp products, though the price range of a lot of it was beyond even my spending habits. However, back to the music, there was a lady selling CD’s of indie artists. I bought a few I will listen to over the new year.

As Christmas draws nearer I remember simpler times, when only the big towns put up lights. Everyone seemed happy. It was about the family in the stable, the miracle of life and celebration of new beginnings – regardless of whether we are Christian or not.

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Thomas Carty is a Renmore resident, having moved to Galway for work a couple of years ago. Both his parents were originally from Ballinalee in Co. Longford but he grew up in Banagher and maintains his Offaly connections with membership of the poetry group Tullamore Rhymers Club. An amateur genealogist and historian, he writes on a range of topics that grab his interest. He works at security to pay the bills, and travels widely around Europe to keep sane!