Elf Town Returns to Galway

Elf Town Galway

When we got invited to Elf Town again this year, I was more excited about it. I knew Ethan would be happier to be there and have some understanding of what was happening.

I was right.

We headed off with two very excited boys, while our third was there ‘just to watch Ethan and Dee get excited about Christmas’. Secretly, I think he wanted to go too – to see what Elf Town came up with this year.

We arrived at the Ballybrit racecourse shortly before 5pm. An elf directed us to the car park, which has ample space. We waited in line for no more than five minutes while our four year old, D jumped up and down on the spot not at all keeping his excitement at bay. My top tip here would be to ensure you have plenty of warm clothes on. You are visiting Elf Town after all and we all know that’s near the North Pole. Our journey began with Jack Frost and the Snow Princess.

Elf Town Galway

Elf Town, Ballybrit Racecourse, Galway

Jack Frost for us was the standout performer. He was witty, chatty and really enjoyed showing off his house.  He stayed in character while posing for photos and having banter with the parents.

Every Elf we met had a story. Every one of them had the time to talk and answer the little ones’ questions and even answer the big ones’ questions. We made our way through Elf Town, laughing, joking and singing. Ethan was very excited and happy to follow the crowd. There were some spots where he felt we were too long in the same place but I have to say the Elves were great at spotting this and asked each time if Ethan wanted to move onto the next stage.

Ethan didn’t need to go ahead of the crowd, there were enough things there to distract him and of course with the promise of Santa, he was happy enough to sing and laugh while the Elves and Mrs. Claus had fun with everyone. It was lovely to see him enjoy himself and not to have to rush the experience as much as we thought we would have to. That in itself was a gift for us all. I don’t want to give too much away about what to expect once inside Elf Town but it is a winter wonderland. It’s beautiful.

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus at Elf Town, Galway

We waited a short time to see Santa. Once again, Elf Town pulled out all the stops when it came to the big man in red. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet last year’s Santa, who we really loved and with whom we had an amazing visit. We had hoped to meet him, mainly so he could see how well Ethan was doing. But, that’s not to say the Santa we met wasn’t just as lovely or caring. Ethan sat on his lap and just stared at him. He gave Ethan a gentle hug. When it came to posing for the picture of the three boys with him, Santa did something that I am not even sure he was aware of.

Anyone who knows Ethan, knows that his latest thing is to straighten out one hand, almost like a salute. He does this when he’s excited, happy or just buzzing around the house. Santa must have spotted this as Ethan was saluting, laughing and touching him as much as he could.

Elf Town, once again you have given us a family inclusive magical visit to see Santa. We cannot thank you enough!

If you have kiddies with extra needs, ring Elf Town to enquire about their quiet times. They are extremely helpful and want all kiddies to enjoy the magic.

PS: I wasn’t asked to write about our visit to Elf Town. We were simply invited to enjoy it. I decided after our visit that I would write about it as it was truly a great experience

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