Owner of Concert Tickets Found in Just 2 Hours!

Lost Concert Tickets

The Galway Eye published an article (read it here) this morning (less than 2 hours ago) in an attempt to find the owner of two concert tickets lost near the Claddagh church last Sunday.

Our own writer Conor Hogan found the tickets in a little brown envelope and we decided to see if social media could reunite them with their owner.

We are delighted to announce that Seán has been in contact with us via Jennifer Heneghan, who brought the article to Joe’s attention in OMG (Zhivago) on Shop Street. The tickets are now winging their way back to their rightful owner.

The power of social media – owner found in just under 2 hours!

Seán would like to say a big thanks to readers of The Galway Eye for sharing and caring!

Well done everyone! 🙂 #HUP