Irish Mother Urges Simon Harris To Legalise Medicinal Cannabis

Simon Harris

We felt our backs were to the wall.

All the medications, all the different types and still – still we were watching him scream, shout, cry and hurt himself up to six times a day.

We knew we had to try something else.

There is nothing else. Ethan has gone through all the medications we can offer a child of his size,” the doctor informed us.

We walked away from that meeting deciding that we could not sit back and watch Ethan go through so many violent meltdowns even while on these prescribed medications.

We decided to try hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

It’s been over a month now.

The first oil gave us hope – his meltdowns became less violent, less intense and their frequency reduced…but his sleep suffered , he was still agitated, still quick to anger and still very much unpredictable.

The second oil gave us more hope – he has roughly one meltdown a day. He is excitable, happy and speaking more. He is communicating his wants to us and we are laughing again with him. He is eating and putting on weight.

For the first time in seven months, I brought my three boys for a walk today. Just me and my boys. I didn’t need D. I didn’t need my amazing friend A. Just me and my boys walking around the estate while the sun shone high in the sky.

I felt hopeful, dare I say it, I felt hopeful that with some home help (eventually coming our way) I could venture further than the estate – with another adult to help.

For five long months I’ve been swimming against a dark, overpowering current – catching my breath only to cry. And that’s the truth! As bleak as that sounds, that has been our lives over these past months.

My thoughts wandered to medical cannabis oil.

I began to imagine – if (legal) hemp oil can help Ethan, what could medical cannabis do?

I read all about Vera Twomey and her plight to try to access medical cannabis for her beautiful daughter, Ava. I wished so much I could walk alongside her, instead I followed her on Facebook.

I figured the way I could help, in a very small way, is to write this piece.

Write the truth.

Our experience with hemp oil is positive. It’s not magical, the oil. It isn’t a cure. But it is helping.

We still have to find the best dosage, but in time, I believe we will find it. And because no doctor can prescribe it, we have to fight to get even the legal hemp acknowledged by the medical professions. (I do feel the need to say, how supportive our doctors have been with us using the hemp oil- while they can’t prescribe it, they do listen and are learning along with us)

Imagine how long it will take for medical cannabis to be prescribed. Ethan’s life and the lives of many others have been put on hold, while our government decide, let’s be honest here, while they decide, how they can profit from families like ours.


That is the bottom line. It is always about money.

Families like ours don’t have the time to wait around for our government to make an actual decision. Our government need to make it medicine. They need to make medical cannabis medicine.

They need to do this soon.

Simon Harris, do the right thing. Don’t make this all about profit.

Think of the hundreds of families like Vera’s (whose daughter Ava suffers terribly with seizures), families like mine (Ethan has unpredictable violent meltdowns, due to the progression of his syndrome).

The families all over this little island are begging you to hear Vera and answer her plea – for all the other Avas and Ethans all over Ireland, Simon Harris make it medicine.

Vera, I stand with you. X


This was originally published on FamilyFriendlyHQ

About the Author

Geraldine Renton
Geraldine Renton lives in Galway city with her husband and three young sons. Life changed dramatically for Geraldine and her family back in 2008 when her eldest son, Ethan, was diagnosed with a life limiting condition known as Hunter Syndrome. Looking for an outlet for herself mainly, Geraldine began taking regular creative writing classes. In 2015, she wrote her first article which MummyPages published. Since then, she has continued to have her articles published all over the world. Geraldine writes openly and honestly about life with Ethan, often finding humour where others would neglect to look. You can also find plenty of Geraldine’s childhood stories throughout her website ( In 2016 her blog “It’s Me & Ethan” won Best New Blog (2016), awarded by the Irish Bloggers Association. Geraldine continues to write regularly, not only on her own website but also for others. She is also writing a book! She has a non-fiction short story with ‘The One Million Project’, a global network of writers and illustrators coming together to publish a book in aid of different charities in the UK. The book is due for publication at the end of this year. When she’s not writing, Geraldine is a keen photographer and enjoys life with all her boys. She tells The Galway Eye she knows far too much about LEGO NINJAGO, Minecraft and how to burp on demand [*raises eyebrows* – Ed.] She possibly [no doubt about it – Ed.] has a Netflix addiction and recently became part of the Stream Team UK and Ireland for Netflix, running a Facebook page all about Netflix. Her motto in life is a lot like Ferris Bueller’s – enjoy the littlest of moments for they are the moments that make up a lifetime of memories.

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  1. There must be some way we can insist that medical cannabis is made legal here! Would taking it to the European Court of Human Rights be of any use? As a mother, grandmother and about to become a great-grandmother, my heart goes out to these families!

  2. I had a bad break to my leg – in hospital for a month – had a cage put on – no medication stopped the pain – when I got out of hospital I wanted to overdose myself – a friend gave me cannabis oil – for the first time in a month I could move my toes, eat, sleep and bowels moved – it removed very bad thoughts from my head – I could smile again – thank God!

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