A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Eiffel Tower

I wrote this piece the day after the attacks on Paris 2 years ago. Sadly, it still rings true exactly 2 years later!


No doubt my friends (who know me well by now) knew I would, at some stage, express a personal opinion on the events in Paris last night – well – here it is…

Images of the Eiffel Tower, Hashtags, Red/White/Blue Facebook profile pics are now ubiquitous – but sadly, a temporary symbol of empathy with the French people. Despite the humanity and well-meaning sentiment underlying the symbolism, it won’t solve the long-term problem – nor will it deter the jihadis – who vehemently consider their own beliefs to be ‘true’. Negotiation is not a concept Islamic fundamentalists understand – their ‘war’ is all or nothing – to the death. In the cold light of the day after Paris, capital cities of other ‘allied’ countries are now under immediate threat of being next – e.g. London and New York are on high alert. The mass outpouring of empathy has little in the way of influence on deaf ears!

It is worth noting that the vast majority – close to all – Muslims completely and utterly disagree with ISIS – in fact they actively (and vocally) condemn the violent methods being deployed by a few (brainwashed) pariahs. The Muslim-bashing currently proliferating the globe (particularly on social networks and in some print media) is nothing short of xenophobic ignorance! Shame on those in dire need of a little education.

Meanwhile – on the ‘Dark Web’ (where the extremists organise) – the real work continues. The jihadis will (in time – because it takes time to quietly gather the required intelligence to correctly geo-locate each individual) be taken out one-by-one with the odd air strike thrown in so that the ordinary, law-abiding citizens of the world can see that something is being done and appease the anger that rises in the heart of each of us with each unfolding atrocity.

Make no mistake – this war will be won on the internet – while most of us go back to our ordinary working lives on Monday morning, change profile pics back to smiling faces and sleep safely in our beds – the job of rounding the jihadis up will continue apace. The rot that pervades humanity in 2015 will be rooted out – there will most definitely be an ‘eye for an eye’.

As Yeats once succinctly put it – ‘All changed, changed utterly – a terrible beauty is born’…


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Mark White (Editor)
A native of Dublin, Mark has slowly been moving West since 1997. Schooled at Gonzaga College and CBS Dun Laoghaire, he received his undergraduate degree in Software Engineering from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2002. Mark spent a number of years working as a C# Developer in the private sector before deciding to undertake a research masters in Information Technology at NUI Galway in 2010. His work resulted in a new algorithm to reduce energy consumption in virtualised data centres and has since been published. He fills his working days and nights writing software, taking photographs, coaching rugby, kayaking and editing Eye News.