The JM Report #5


Hindsight is a bitch. I should have done this. I could have done that. Why didn’t I do such and such to avoid this mistake? Hindsight. It’s a bitch! But this is a message from the Minister for Stating the Obvious. Of course that is what hindsight is. That is the nature of the process.

If we accept that perfection is impossible, then hindsight is inevitable. So all the foresight in the world isn’t going to save you. There will always be mistakes. There will always be room to improve.

So rather than focusing too much on hindsight, it’s better to focus on improvement. This is embodied by the Japanese word ‘kaizen’, which represents the idea of constant improvement. Always becoming better. Always becoming more efficient.


Rather than dwelling on the past, I want to think into the future. Rather than avoiding mistakes and feelings of hindsight, I would prefer to put myself in a position where mistakes are liable. To seek challenges, and take risks.

Koketsu ni irazunba, koji wo ezu

This is a Japanese kotowaza, which can be translated as ‘If you don’t enter the cave, you can’t catch the tiger’. If you never take any risks, you will never succeed. All of my modest successes have involved opportunity, with a juxtaposed risk. Here’s to finding the next opportunity, the next risk.

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Joe Moore
Joe Moore is just a guy. He has expertise in project management (Japanese language, culture and business) and event planning. For the serious bit, see He most recently founded and directed, a Japanese pop culture convention. Joe is passionate about entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, specialty coffee and adventure.