The JM Report #3



It seems that for many or most people, having balance in life is an ideal. Finding time for everything, not sacrificing one part of life for another.

But maybe this goal is too idealistic. Eating well, sleeping well, time for friends and family, read every day, don’t forget about exercise, throw in some meditation, and don’t even think about skipping Game of Thrones. There are only so many hours in a day. And there are too many things on the to do list.

When thinking of all my greatest achievements, I don’t know that I had any balance when pursuing them. When training for a marathon, all I did was run. I didn’t do anything else. When I first moved to Japan and wanted to speak Japanese, it was all I could focus on. Eating healthily or exercising went out the window. In order to succeed, sometimes projects require more than what a balanced effort would give them.

Perhaps we should forget this ideal of balance, and commit. Commit to huge projects. Sacrifice some parts of life, and focus on others in order to achieve great goals.

I wonder about this constantly, in terms of how much effort I should put into organising J Con. Should I try to get a balance between all the different elements of my life, with J Con as one part? In the sense that nothing is perfect, especially a huge event you are organising for the very first time, perhaps it is better to have that balance and try to do just enough. Or maybe I should drop everything and work 24/7 to ensure J Con is as great as it can be.

I struggle with coming to a conclusion here. But recently I am sensing that life is cyclical. Everything is temporary. Although you might be focused all out on one goal for a certain period of time, that period will end soon enough. And then the focus changes. So maybe the ideal isn’t balance every day, but balance in the long run. Certainly it seems that, although being healthy in the long term is a good ideal to have, if there were no unbalanced days with a few beers and a pizza, life would be the lesser for it.

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Joe Moore
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