Hurricane Ophelia Heading For Galway

Satellite image of hurricane OpheliaSatellite image of hurricane Ophelia

As Hurricane Ophelia approaches, a status red severe weather warning has been issued for all counties along the west coast.

The National Emergency Coordination has been meeting this morning, and it heard from Met Eireann that the eye of the storm may hit the south coast before it tracks up along the west coast.

The counties expected to be hit with the highest winds will be along the south coast from Wexford to Galway and Mayo, and flooding is expected in some areas, while there are also fears of structural damage in some areas.

The Department of Education has requested all schools in Galway close tomorrow (Monday).

On Monday afternoon, the winds will turn northeasterly and will contribute to a storm sea surge in Galway Bay. However, the overall tidal level is predicted to be below the critical level for flooding and as such there is low risk of coastal-flooding. Should further defences and other measures be required, they will be put in place. On-going monitoring of weather and sea forecasts will continue by Galway City Council staff in conjunction with other local and national agencies.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney has urged the public to take the severe weather warnings seriously. He wrote on Twitter: “Anybody not taking storm Ophelia seriously should think again – I don’t remember ever seeing a forecast for the south coast quite like this.”

What to do this evening:

Bring your pets inside, store wheelie bins and garden furniture safely. Charge your phones/electronic devices and have a few candles or torches at the ready – just in case power lines get hit.

To report a power outage call ESBNetworks on 1850 372 999