Sensors = Senses

Photograph shows artist Helen Caird hard at work drawing a human face that will be mounted on the wall of the Computer & Communications Museum at The Insight Centre for Data Analytics in Dangan. A Raspberry Pi and its associated sensors will be placed onto the face.

The idea is that, as part of the Smart City project being organised under the auspices of Eoin Jordan assisted by Antóin Óg Ó Cuinneagáin and myself, sensors that detect and measure gas emissions, movement and visuals will be placed onto a human face corresponding to nose, ear, eyes etc.

This will help visitors to understand the concepts and realities of the Sensor Web/Smart Technologies of the research of Insight, IBM and others involved in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In my opinion the best way often to explain Science and Technology is through art. It is a case of the smart phone in one hand and the paint brush in the other.

The LEGO Smart City project will be readied in time for the Galway Science & Technology Festival which will run this year at various locations around the city from Monday 13th to Sunday 26th November, culminating in the hugely popular Exhibition & Fair on the campus of NUI Galway.