Avoid The Emergency Department at UCH Galway

University College Hospital, GalwayUniversity College Hospital, Galway

Management at Galway’s University College Hospital today confirmed that 37 patients were waiting to be admitted but beds could not be found for them. The hospital’s ‘full capacity’ protocol has been put in place in an attempt to free up the beds required. Patients have been warned that the emergency department is facing ‘significant delays’ this evening as a result.

The news comes just days after multiple operations had to be cancelled in two orthopaedic surgeries at Merlin Park Hospital following discovery by staff of significant leaks in the roof.

“This is now a very serious problem which has closed the theatres,” confirmed Dr. Stephen Kearns, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Merlin Park.

The Galway Eye understands that some of the patients affected have been waiting up to three years for their operations.

The affected surgeries remain closed until such time as the repair works can be completed. The HSE was unable to estimate how long the work would take or when the surgeries at Merlin Park would re-open.